Three Benefits Of A Non-Obligatory Case Review

Legal counsel is necessary for those who want to understand their options, hold others accountable and maximize their compensation. Unfortunately, some individuals might not understand the value of a free initial consultation.

Spending wisely is always desirable. However, it is important to recognize how to maximize your time with a law firm.

Protect your interests

A free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney can provide clarity about whether you have a case worth pursuing. Rather than accumulating unsurmountable medical bills, get the information you need to make a wise decision about your recovery.

For example, calculating the long-term expenses of your injury is imperative when negotiating a settlement. Be prepared to share evidence to support your claim, including pictures, police reports and applicable medical records.

Find out how payment works

Meeting with a lawyer can also help you understand how a contingency plan works. Essentially, you do not pay until damages are recovered on your behalf.

You can also learn about what percentage of your potential settlement the firm will charge for representation and the services you can expect to receive in exchange.

Evaluate your comfort level

Attorney-client privilege is merely one consideration of your legal working relationship. Before you retain counsel, ask questions about experience, previous results, communication preferences, while getting a feeling for how comfortable you would feel taking steps toward accountability together.

When another person’s negligence results in an injury, you have the right to take legal action. Texas laws only allow up to two years to file a claim, so time is of the essence.