Houston Companies Involved in Louisiana Well Fire Resulting in Worker Burn Injuries

Two Houston companies appear to have been involved in a wild well fire that occurred along the Louisiana coast last month and resulted in severe burn injuries to workers attempting to plug an abandoned well.

The well leak reportedly began days earlier about 18 miles south of Patterson, Louisiana in the Bell Isle Field located at Little Wax Bayou. Contractors were working to cap the well when a spark ignited natural gas, enveloping the scene in flames. At least seven people were reported as injured with four workers transferred from the well site by helicopter and ambulance to nearby burn units.

The owner of the well is understood to be a Houston-based private exploration and production company named Texas Petroleum Investment Company (“TPIC”), which operates along the Gulf Coast in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Contractors with another Houston-based company, Wild Well Control, were present at the scene working to get the well under control at the time of the explosion.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources is investigating the origin and causes of the incident.

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