Why You are Not in Good Hands: How Insurance Companies Minimize Your Car Accident Claim

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. Undervaluing a client’s losses is an all-too-common tactic insurance companies use to minimize its financial liability and enhance profitability. In fact, insurance companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to earn your trust and confidence. Those same insurance companies who assure you are “in good hands” or that they are “on your side” use several tactics to deny and devalue your claim.

Some of the common approaches insurance adjusters use include:

Asking for a Recorded Statement

  • A recorded statement is not in your benefit. Typically, you will be approached by an “extra friendly” adjuster whose only goal is to get your guard down. This insurance adjuster may ask you pointed questions that may be used against you down the road.

Offering a Quick Settlement

  • Although tempting, this is an easy mistake that an insurance company wants you to make. Once you release your claim, you cannot go back and sue the insurance company for your actual damages which means you will not be able to pursue any other amount than what has already been agreed upon.

Getting your Signature on Medical Authorization Forms

  • Signing a medical authorization form allows an insurance adjuster to go through all your medical records and may ultimately help them attribute your injuries to past medical conditions.

Denying Liability and Disputing Medical Bills

  • An adjuster will attempt to deny a claim when they deem the injuries to be minimal and the accident itself minor. They may take the position that the injuries you sustained cannot be a result of the accident or may even claim you were at fault in some way.

Delaying Settlement

  • Insurance companies rely on you to become agitated in obtaining a fair settlement which may lead you to give in and settle for less than what you deserve.

The harsh reality is that insurance adjusters use various tricks to lower or deny your claim. Their sole interest lies with the insurance company. They are not in the business of maximizing your payout. When dealing with recovery from a severe injury the last thing you should be focused on is negotiating with an insurance adjuster. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney will help put your health above all else and will defend your rights to ensure your recovery.

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