Man Fatally Crushed by Vehicle in Maintenance Shop

Recently, Harris County Sherriff’s Office responded to a call where a vehicle fell from the automobile lift in a garage, crushing one of the employees. The event occurred at a maintenance shop called Motowerks located at the 3800 block of Louetta in Spring, Texas. Emergency services reported that the man died at the scene of the incident.

According to the Harris County Sherriff’s Office spokesperson, the employee was working on the vehicle, when the vehicle fell off the lift and landed on the employee. The incident occurred around 3:00PM on Friday afternoon.  Fire fighters from Spring arrived at the scene and found the deceased man. Investigators are still trying to determine why the vehicle; a black Mercedes SUV fell from the lift. Currently, the name and age of the employee has not been released to the public.

Similar incidents have occurred across the country in auto maintenance shops.  A vehicle may fall off a lift for multiple reasons, such as improper placement, equipment failure, and the vehicle being too heavy for the lift.  Although, it has not been established by investigators what caused the vehicle to fall, this appears to be all to common a danger associated with vehicle repair industry.  A similar incident occurred in Hartford, Connecticut in 2019, when the equipment failed causing the lift to come down unexpectedly, unfortunately killing the technician.

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