Drunk Driver and San Antonio Bar Face $20,000,000 Wrongful Death Lawsuit

On April 7, 2021, a drunk San Antonio resident named Samantha Castillo was charged with the intoxicated manslaughter of cyclist Beatrice Gonzales. According to the lawsuit, Gonzales was out cycling with a group of cyclists. While riding on St. Mary’s St. in San Antonio, Texas, Gonzales briefly stopped on the sidewalk to allow her fellow cyclists to catch up to her. At that moment, Castillo’s vehicle hopped the curb and hit Gonzales at a “high rate of speed.”

Ms. Gonzales’ children are now bringing a lawsuit against the alleged drunk driver, Samantha Castillo, as well as the bar that allegedly overserved her. It is not known which bar overserved Castillo, but its name will be identified in the discovery process. This type of lawsuit is called a Dram Shop Lawsuit, in which an establishment overserves alcohol to a customer, and that customer later commits a crime. Further, this type of lawsuit is designed to hold establishments that negligently overserve alcohol to their customers accountable for their actions.

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