147,000 Kia Recalled Over Fire Risk

The automobile manufacturer Kia is currently recalling 147,249 Soul and Seltos vehicles, due to potential fire hazards and vehicle stalling. The vehicles equipped with the 2.0 liter, in line 4 cylinder are the models currently affected by the recall. It has been reported that during the manufacturing process, a supplier provided improperly treated parts.

The affected vehicles include the new Kia Selotos and the Soul, which may require some vehicles to have their engines replaced. Kia claims that the risk for fire is only in about 1% of its vehicles being recalled. According to Kia’s documents filed with the National Highway and Safety Administration, some of the 2020 and 2021 model year vehicles contained improperly heat-treated piston rings.

The fire risk is due to oil potentially leaking around the exhaust components, and providing fuel next to a heat source, thus creating a fire hazard.  It is reported that abnormal sounds from the engine, as well as excess oil consumption are key signs your vehicle may be affected by the improperly heat-treated piston rings. Recently, Kia’s spokesperson stated that they are not aware of any fire or injuries related to the malfunctioning piston rings.

Regardless, when Kia’s technicians inspect each vehicle, the vehicles found with faulty rings, will require the entire engine to be replaced. Kia announced that they will install additional software to monitor the problem. The recall is set to start in June of this year, with labor and parts provided at no cost to Kia’s customers.

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