Man Loses Finger While Working for Houston Fabrication Company

On February 12, 2021, a Harris County resident (the “man”) filed a lawsuit in the Harris County District Court against a Houston metal fabrication company made up of defendants BWFS Industries LLC, BWFS Industries RE ETH LLC, BWFS Industries RE H 59 LLC and Eduardo Vallejo (the “defendants”) after his finger was severed while working in the defendants’ facility alongside defendants’ employees. The man asserts causes of action for negligence, negligence per se and respondeat superior against the defendants as a result of the incident that caused him to suffer life-altering injuries.

On August 27, 2019, according to the lawsuit, the man was working at Defendants’ facility alongside Defendants’ employees and supervisors. The man was seriously injured while assisting another employee in fitting a large grate over a vessel. Unfortunately, one of Defendants’ employees pushed the grate into the man’s hand—causing his finger to become severed from his hand. Worse, rather than assisting the man—the defendants released the man from his employment and informed him they no longer would employ him in the future.

At all times necessary, the defendants’ employees were performing work for defendants and/or their agents and contractors and those employees were performing tasks in the course and scope of their work for defendants such that liability may be imputed onto the employer under the theory of respondeat superior.

The man seeks monetary relief for damages resulting from, among others, medical expenses both past and future, physical pain and suffering both past a future, physical impairment/disability both past a future, mental anguish, lost wages in the past and future and lost earning capacity in the past and future, among others.

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