Man Injured in Elevator Accident Settles Multimillion-Dollar Suit

A young man was injured when an elevator suddenly plummeted several stories and then came to an abrupt stop. The force of the abrupt stop threw the young man down on the floor of the elevator. Further, the abrupt stop caused the elevator’s escape hatch to become dislodged and fall, landing on the young man’s head and causing him to sustain serious injuries to his head, neck, and back.

The young man filed a lawsuit against the elevator repair company responsible for maintaining the elevator. He alleged the elevator repair company negligently maintained the elevator, thereby causing it to malfunction and fall. The suit ultimately settled out of court for almost $2,000,000.

Elevator accidents like this one are not uncommon. They are frequently the result of improper installation, defective products, poor maintenance, or mismanagement. Further, elevator accidents are a significant concern, as they can result in serious injuries or even death.

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