Utility Company Sued for $4,500,000 Following Downed Power Line Electrocution

An electrical utility company is being sued for at least $4,500,000 after one of its downed power lines electrocuted a man in his backyard. On July 16, 2016, Thomas Poynton, Jr. heard a loud explosion in his backyard and went into his backyard to investigate the noise. As soon as Poynton stepped out of his backdoor and his foot hit the ground, he was electrocuted. A 34,500-volt transmission line had fallen 70 feet from Poynton’s house, supercharging the ground in his backyard. Poynton was on the ground being shocked by electricity from the power line for 45 minutes before the utility shut off power to the area, finally allowing first responders to attend Poynton and his burning house.

The lawsuit alleges the defendant utility company violated public utility codes and created hazardous conditions by improperly installing clamps on the power line and negligently maintaining the power line’s ground-fault protection system, which caused the subject incident.

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