Ford Recalls Three Million Cars Due to Deadly Airbag Defect

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently denied a 2017 petition by Ford to not recall its vehicles containing Takata airbags. This recall is only just a part of the largest and most complex vehicle recall in United States history, currently involving 19 vehicle manufacturers and roughly 67 million Takata airbag inflators in tens of millions of vehicles in the United States.

This airbag defect involves airbag inflators exploding, causing lethal metal shards to fly out of the airbag at high speeds. The airbag defect is responsible for the deaths of more than 27 people, including a 17-year-old boy who bled to death when he was hit in the throat by flying metal shards. The exploding inflators are the result of a design defect, in which the propellant contained in the airbags deteriorates over time after consistent exposure to humidity. The bad propellant then causes the airbag to over-pressurize, resulting in sharp metal shards shooting out of the airbag.  Lawyers at Abraham Watkins have handled and settled cases against Takata for injuries caused by the metal debris exploding through the airbags.

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