Fatal Truck Crash Caused by Security Guard

Garda has been named in yet another lawsuit involving its armored truck drivers causing car accidents. On September 2, 2020, a Garda armored truck collided with a Chevy Suburban. The driver of the Garda armored truck was not injured, while the driver of the Suburban was killed in the accident.

The lawsuit filed alleges that Garda should not have allowed the driver of the armored truck to drive due to his lack of any valid drivers license. Additionally, the family of the deceased driver believes that the Garda driver was distracted while driving. The lawsuit also alleges that Garda’s armored truck vehicle involved was out of service due to possible mechanical problems.

It usually takes an investigation to determine the extent of any company’s history of violations leading up to serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes. There have been lawsuits across the country against Garda, and even a news investigation into reports of inadequacies of Garda’s vehicle maintenance and driver training program. Such investigations are necessary to determine whether the commercial vehicle drivers are operating large vehicles in compliance with local, state, and federal law and regulations. It is also necessary to determine how a motor vehicle accident could have been avoided.

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