Drowsy Driving On The Rise In Texas

According to a recent NHTSA report, Texas leads the nation in sleep-related fatalities on the road. More than twenty percent of sleep-related fatalities in the United States occur in the State of Texas, and about twenty percent in Texas involve sleepy drivers. According to the CDC, as many as one in twenty-five drivers falls asleep while driving each month. This is a shocking trend with steep consequences, leading to 6,000 crashes annually, including thousands of fatalities.

Drowsy driving is something that affects everyone, from commercial drivers, nightshift workers, those suffering from sleep disorders, and the heavily medicated, to the victims of those who fall asleep while driving. This sobering fact makes drowsy driving a concern that none can afford to overlook.

Drowsy driving is preventable. Getting a better sleep before driving can eliminate the risks of falling asleep while driving. Further, if you are at risk of falling asleep while driving, be it due to a sleep disorder or medication, please make sure you are safe to drive before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle. Given the rise and prevalence of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, there is no good excuse for driving when you are unable to do so safely.

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