Recalled Products Can Cause Injuries, Products Don’t Have to Be Recalled to Be Dangerous, Defective

Every day, American consumers have a chance to encounter defective products. Recalled products tend to make news, but it normally takes an investigation into complaints about products that are believed to be involved in causing injuries and property damage.

During the holiday season, it is easy to expect more gift exchanges of all sorts of products. Some gifts and toys, like hoverboards and electric skateboards, are known to pose a potential fire hazard and risk for serious injuries and may not be as popular of a gift due to these widely shared reports.

However, injuries can be associated with products that have not been recalled. Within the past 12 months, there have been nearly 200 complaints of toys either causing injuries, fires, or potential hazards and risks for injuries posed by the toy. These reports are not always shared with consumers, especially if they are not deemed newsworthy. Out of these complaints, there were only seven recalls. There were also reports of retail stores not pulling recalled products before selling them to the public. Consumers may not be informed of the recall until it is too late, and consumers will often be much less informed about reported complaints about products that are not publicized.

Just because a product has not been recalled, it does not mean the product is not defective. Unrecalled defective products can pose an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death. The defective product may simply have yet to be reported or investigated. It usually takes an investigation with experts to determine whether a product is defective and caused a person serious injury or death.

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