Tis’ The Season to Be Weary: Holiday Drunk Driving Will Continue Through Pandemic

Drunk driving increases dramatically during the holidays. Statistics for years have shown steady trends that not only does the amount of alcohol-related car crashes significantly rise, but so does the amount of fatalities due to drunk driving. So far during 2020, the number of crashes has dropped, but the proportion of fatalities resulting from crashes has increased dramatically in Texas.

Something the experts will likely watch this holiday season is whether the pandemic and social distancing will impact the statistics trend when it comes to holiday drunk driving. It is safe to presume that not all people will practice the same levels of social distancing this holiday season. There will be the temptation to drive to festivities to reconnect with friends and family.

Whether people are going to be socially distant or not, safe practices are crucial when it comes to reducing the number of alcohol-related deaths and car crashes during the holidays. Using ride share companies is a popular choice, as well as having a designated driver. It is important to have a plan to have a safe ride home and always wear a seatbelt.

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