Takata Likely to Announce the Recall of Millions of Defective Seat Belts

Takata, just years removed from an airbag recall scandal that bankrupted the company, is likely to issue a recall of all vehicles containing its seat belts. This is based on statements issued by the Japanese Transport Industry, instructing automakers across the world to begin preparing for a recall of all vehicles containing Takata seat belts.

Officials are deeply concerned about Takata seat belts because it produced more than 30% of all seat belt webbing used worldwide. The defective seat belts recently caused a 17th death in the United States. The recent deaths and injuries have prompted Jayson Safety Systems (JSS), the company that recently purchased Takata, to reexamine the last twenty years of Takata’s seat belt testing data in an effort to find possible causes for the defective seat belts. JSS has located many “inaccuracies” in Takata’s seat belt testing data, suggesting that Takata altered its numbers and data intentionally to hide defects in its seat belts.

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