Drivers Are Not Always The Cause Of A Collision

AdobeStock_355406720.jpegDespite investments in design and technology by the automotive industry, problems with the design of vehicles still arise. As a result, sliding into place behind the steering wheel comes with deadly risks that many individuals do not realize or appreciate.

For example, recent vehicle recalls include everything from problems with braking systems – to suspension issues – to ongoing concerns about defective airbags. While the seriousness of safety concerns may vary, liability for motor vehicle accident injuries can depend on a variety of factors, including whether a known issue was addressed.

Drivers have a role in mitigating identified after-market risks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) can issue a recall due to confirmed flaws and, thereby, mandate a cost-free solution for consumers. Likewise, manufacturers can voluntarily issue a recall for a specific make and model. Their offered solutions may include:

  • Replacing malfunctioning parts
  • Repairing the problems that compromise safety
  • Reimbursing consumers for their purchase of a defective product

Many motorists schedule repairs. Others overlook the importance of doing so. Those who purchased a used vehicle, meanwhile, might remain unaware. This can raise the question in a lawsuit – who is liable for crash injuries involving a vehicle under recall?

Equip yourself with knowledge for protection

Automobile manufacturers typically send recall notifications to those whose contact information dealers gathered during the purchasing process of a new mode of transportation. Regardless, you can use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to search for recalls applicable to your vehicle or sign up for email alerts about unreasonable safety risks related to your vehicle’s design, components or tires.

It is imperative to determine the root cause of an automobile accident to maximize your recovery because not all vehicle defects are the subject of recalls. As a result, not all crash injuries and recall searches will automatically make you aware of known, yet unaddressed, safety concerns.

Drivers should keep their vehicles in good working order. However, accountability for a collision may extend far beyond another driver and may include the vehicle manufacturer.