Depositions for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If your claim requires a lawsuit, then you will eventually be required to provide a deposition. A deposition can be compared to a recorded interview. During the deposition, the person being deposed is asked questions from the lawyers representing various parties in a lawsuit.

Depositions do not usually take place in a courtroom, but rather held at an attorney’s office. However, the deposition is a legal proceeding and the witness swears the same oath as if they were in a courtroom. There could be several people at a deposition. In addition to the lawyers for all parties, a court reporter and a videographer are typically present at a deposition. The court reporter will administer the oath to the witness and transcribe all questions and answers. This transcript can be used in later proceedings to point out conflicting statements by the witness. The videographer will record the deposition so the video can be played to a jury or judge at trial.

Depositions occur during the discovery phase of a lawsuit. Depositions are required because each party’s lawyer has the right to speak to the opposing party to get the facts of the incident, how it occurred, and ask about injuries. Another reason for a deposition is that it allows the attorneys to gauge the credibility of the parties and witnesses. Ultimately, a judge or jury will determine if they believe the testimony of a witness. Thus, when evaluating a case, it is important for an attorney to know if the witness will be perceived as truthful.

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