$50M Lawsuit Filed for Woman Declared Dead and Found Alive at Funeral Home

Earlier this month, the family of Timesha Beauchamp filed a lawsuit against the paramedics who wrongfully declared her dead before she was later found breathing after her body had been delivered to a funeral home. On August 23, Southfield EMS was sent to respond to a 911 call after the Beauchamps found their daughter, Timesha unresponsive at their home. According to the lawsuit, the paramedics declared Timesha, who had cerebral palsy, dead after attempting CPR for approximately six minutes and obtaining permission from a doctor who was contacted by phone. The lawsuit further alleges the paramedics provided misleading information to the doctor about Timesha’s vital signs that indicated she was still alive.

Following the pronouncement of death, Timesha’s family called the paramedics back into their home twice based on signs of life they observed, such as her breathing. According to Michigan state records from the license suspension hearing for the paramedics, the first time the responders returned to the home, they placed a monitor on Timesha that “clearly showed” she was still alive. The second time, responders informed Timesha’s family that the visible movements of her chest were due to the medications she was taking. In both instances, the paramedics wrongfully failed to recognize Timesha was still alive, despite obvious signals to the contrary. It was not until Timesha’s body had been delivered in a body bag some several hours later to a local funeral home that she was discovered to still be breathing and alive.

As a result of being placed in a sealed body bag for several hours, Timesha suffered permanent brain injuries, including hypoxic brain damage and acute hypoxemic respiratory failure due to pulmonary arrest. She ultimately succumbed to her injuries and passed away at Children’s Hospital of Michigan several weeks later. According to a statement released by the family, “This is the second time our beloved Timesha has been pronounced dead — but this time she isn’t coming back.”

The family’s lawsuit now seeks $50 million in damages for the negligence and gross negligence of the paramedics who wrongfully declared Timesha dead despite obvious signs that she was still alive.

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