Settlement for Texas 18-Wheeler Driver Rear-Ended by Another 18-Wheeler

Firm attorneys Benny Agosto, Jr. and Lena Laurenzo have settled a federal court lawsuit arising out of a severe crash involving two 18-wheelers. The crash occurred when an 18-wheeler driver working for an out-of-state company was distracted watching vehicles on the other side of the highway, resulting in him rear-ending a Texas 18-wheeler driver.

The Texas driver’s tractor was still drivable, though the trailer he was towing was completely destroyed. He was able to return home to Texas a couple of days later, but his recovery was only just starting. He ultimately required two back surgeries to correct his injuries. Prior to the surgeries, it was clear that his career and future were at stake.

The Texas driver hired Abraham Watkins, and Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo knew that it would take a lawsuit to get the case moving fast. They sued the out-of-state company and out-of-state company driver for being negligent and grossly negligent in causing this crash. It was clear that the company driver was distracted, and Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo discovered major holes in the company’s safety program. The case was resolved after both drivers were deposed and Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo were able to reach a large settlement for their client.

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