Responsibility For Accident Injuries Begins Immediately

AdobeStock_267906889.jpegInvolvement in a motor vehicle accident can prompt various responses from those involved. If a driver was not paying attention to the road when the crash took place, they might feel guilty. Meanwhile, countless explanations may factor into a fear of dealing with the police.

Depending on the severity of the collision, it might be difficult to process what happened and how to respond. However, serious legal consequences can result from leaving the scene of an accident.

Houston drivers arrested after fatal hit-and-runs

According to recent news reports, a motorcyclist died after another vehicle dragged him through an intersection. Rather than reporting the incident or offering assistance to the young man on the bike, the driver went home while the wreckage burned.

Similarly, a different driver in police custody faces a second degree felony charge for allegedly failing to stop and help the driver he rear-ended, who later died due to injuries sustained in the crash.

These drivers could face criminal charges in addition to the civil lawsuits that may result from their actions.

In terms of helping injured motorists, “legal” and “right” may be synonymous

Common sense might suggest a moral obligation to help others, especially someone you likely hurt. In cases of a motor vehicle accident, it is the law.

After involvement in a crash, you must:

  • Stop your vehicle
  • Assess others for injuries
  • Call 911 for medical treatment, if necessary

Failure to address bodily harm could result in fines, imprisonment and criminal charges.

Additionally, injured motorists who did not receive the help they needed or the family members of someone who died because of unaddressed medical complications can initiate legal action to hold negligent drivers accountable.