Lawsuit Filed Against El Paso Children’s Hospital and Prominent Doctor Over Young Girl’s Death

Last month, an El Paso couple filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages over $1 million and alleging gross negligence against El Paso Children’s Hospital and a prominent local doctor over the death of their three-year-old daughter. According to the lawsuit, the family alleges the hospital and doctor intentionally created profit-driven policies that caused extreme delays in the admission and administration of life saving emergent care for young patients. In this case, the couple’s daughter suffered from hydrocephalus, a life-threatening but treatable condition where fluid becomes trapped in the brain, and spent nearly fourteen hours uncontrollably vomiting in the hospital’s waiting room before the young girl finally went limp, turned blue, and began foaming at the mouth.

According to the lawsuit, the young girl’s pediatrician, Dr. Robert Canales was recently hired by the hospital and negotiated several exemptions to practice pediatric intensive care medicine, despite being unqualified to do so, in exchange for Canales’ lucrative patient referral base. As a result of the employment arrangement, the young girl was denied admission into the hospital’s emergency department and was instead relocated to a separate waiting room where her family spent the night witnessing their daughter slowly deteriorate as they waited for Dr. Canales to arrive. Each hour of the night, the family pleaded with hospital staff to admit their daughter and administer emergency care to which the hospital informed the family they needed to wait for Dr. Canales to arrive and see the patient.

Canales did not arrive until the following morning after the young girl had been unresponsive for nearly one hour and even then, failed to properly diagnose the girl’s condition. It was only when the child turned blue and became unresponsive that the hospital finally agreed to intervene and admit her to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). By the time the young girl was admitted to the hospital, despite having been in the waiting room vomiting the entire night before, it was too late. The young girl was in a coma and would never wake up again. She was ultimately taken off life support three days later and pronounced dead.

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