Lawmakers Demand Amazon Product Brand Recalls

Last week Senators Richard Blumenthal, Robert Mendez, and Ed Markey sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos relating to reports that Amazon has ignored consumer safety complaints. Specifically, the letter from the lawmakers points out that there are recent allegations that AmazonBasics products have potentially been linked to fires, explosions, smoking, melting, and other harms to consumers and their property.

The Senators, citing a CNN investigative piece, stated that Amazon has ignored safety concerns from customers about certain electronics using the “AmazonBasics” brand. The “AmazonBasics” products are Amazon branded products manufactured by third parties on behalf of Amazon. CNN’s report focused on consumer complaints that items such as cell phone charging cords and batteries have reportedly caught fire and injured consumers. At least one person filed a lawsuit against Amazon for injuries he allegedly sustained after a phone charger caught fire. The lawsuit appears to have been resolved.

In response, Amazon has stated safety is a “top priority” and its products meet all applicable safety standards. The company contends its products are high quality. Amazon assures customers that their concerns are investigated.

However, the Senators’ letter criticizes Amazon’s consumer notification and recall process stating that they “appear to be inadequate and underutilized.” The Senators ask Amazon to “immediately stop the sale of dangerous and defective AmazonBasics products,” and to “effectively notify consumers of potential risks.” The letter requests Amazon to act by October 11, 2020.

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