Bayer to Pay $1.6 Billion to Settle U.S. Claims Related to Defective Birth-Control Device

Bayer AG recently agreed to pay $1.6 billion to settle claims by women in the United States involving its now-withdrawn Essure birth-control device. The settlement will resolve about ninety-percent of the nearly 39,000 lawsuits, which have been consolidated into courts in California and Pennsylvania.

The Essure birth-control device uses 4-centimeter metal coils made of nickel, titanium, platinum, silver-tin, and stainless steel, which are implanted within the fallopian tubes using a metal catheter. Once implanted, the coils expand to a diameter of 1.5 millimeters to 2 millimeters, effectively blocking the passage of eggs to the uterus. The coils are also intended to spur growth of scar tissue, which blocks sperm from fertilizing a woman’s eggs.

The problem is that the metal coils can cause repeated perforation of the fallopian tubes or uterus, and they sometimes break during insertion. Parts of the device can also become dislodged and travel to other parts of the body, causing further damage. Women who experience these complications often suffer debilitating pain and excess bleeding for months or years.

Although Bayer has not admitted liability with regard to these defective devices, its settlement will bring much needed relief to the many women who have been injured by them.

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