Wrongful Death Settlement for Texas Family of Maintenance Technician

Firm attorneys Benny Agosto, Jr. and Lena Laurenzo settled a federal court lawsuit arising out of the death of a maintenance technician employee at a Texas manufacturing plant. The fatality occurred during a maintenance task that was being performed when a large piece of machinery fell on top of the employee. The employee died shortly thereafter due to the crush injuries he sustained. Christmas was only days away, and one of the employee’s daughters was to be married in two weeks.

Within hours of the incident, the family believed they were not being told the full truth about how this tragedy occurred. As time progress, the family realized that the company was not going to provide all of the answers to their questions about this incident and how it happened.

The employee’s family hired Abraham Watkins, and Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo got to work immediately. They filed lawsuit alleging the company was grossly negligent as Texas law does not allow standard negligence lawsuits against companies that provide workers compensation insurance to their employees. The case was complex, requiring multiple inspections and nearly a dozen depositions in two different states. The focus was on the employer company’s lack of safety policies, training, and supervision for this particular machine and associated maintenance tasks. After fighting the lawsuit for over a year, Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo were able to reach a large confidential settlement with the employee’s company.

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