Parents of Boy Killed in School Bus-Train Collision Sue School District and Union Pacific Railroad Company

The parents of a 13-year-old boy have filed a lawsuit following their son’s death in a school bus that was struck by a train operated by Union Pacific Railroad Company. On January 25, Christopher Bonilla and another student were passengers on an Athens ISD school bus when it was struck by a train at a railway crossing.

The lawsuit details multiple hazards at the Union Pacific railway crossing where the collision occurred, including steep grades on either side of the tracks, limited line of sight on approach, and the lack of automatic gates and warning lights despite those features being found at nearby crossings for the same line. John Stevens, the bus driver behind the wheel at the time of the crash, is also a named defendant in the lawsuit for allegedly failing to stop prior to the crossing and avoid the train collision. Stevens was also arrested following the crash and is currently awaiting trial for negligent homicide. According to the lawsuit, Athens ISD negligently hired, trained, and supervised its bus driver, and chose an unreasonably dangerous bus route that included this defective crossing.

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