Hurricane Laura: What do I do now?

With the arrival of Hurricane Laura, hurricane season officially began for Southeast Texas and neighboring Louisiana. What are some basics tips for those journeying back home to pick up the pieces and find themselves asking, “What do I do now?”

· Stay Safe! – Be careful getting back home and surveying for damage. Obey orders from governmental entities and watch out for hazards like downed powerlines and debris.

· Document, Document, and Document Again – Take photos and video of ALL damage. Keep receipts and copies of any correspondence with your insurance company.

· Notify Your Insurance – Timely inform your insurance company that your home/property has been damaged. Be as comprehensive as possible when describing damages, being mindful to keep an eye out for evidence of structural damage and water incursion not readily apparent on a first pass through your home.

· Stop Additional Damage – Take pictures and video of property damage as you find it, but do what you reasonably can to stop additional damage from occurring in the short term. Stop leaks with tarps and other coverings. Document everything before and after.

· Beware of Contractors – Watch out for fly by night contractors that prey on hurricane victims. Be patient and find reliable contractors with a proven record who will do good work. It is worth the wait to avoid contractor fraud and substandard work that is costly to replace.

While certainly not comprehensive, these basic tips may help as you navigate life after the storm.

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