Ford Recall

Ford is warning that a number of its vehicles pose serious hazards for U.S. consumers. The first recall affects nearly half a million vehicles built from June 25, 2014 to December 21, 2017 under the Ford Edge platform as well as Lincoln MKX vehicles built between November 11, 2014 and December 21, 2017. Both vehicles were manufactured in Ontario, Canada at Ford’s Oakville Assembly Plant, and pose serious safety hazards due to front brake jounce hoses that could rupture.

The manufacturer also announced two additional recalls involving separate issues. The first affects over 3,000 2020 Lincoln Corsair vehicles built in Louisville, Kentucky in 2019 between January 7 and October 21. In the announcement, it was revealed the affected vehicles may have insufficient clearance between the left and right rear coil springs and the toe link bracket, which could result in the wearing away of the coil spring’s protective coating. This could lead to it fracturing and coming off of the vehicle, which would provide a hazard for other cars on the road.

The last recall involves 2020 Ford F-150 vehicles built at the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri on June 30 and July 1 of 2020. Ford says the 431 affected vehicles may have an improper attachment nut used to fasten the positive battery cable, resulting in an insecure connection to the starter. The company warned that this might result in increased potential for incremental heat generation during the start cycle and electrical arcing, and could lead to a fire.

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