Crash Risks May Be Highest for Houston Bikers

AdobeStock_208276370.jpegRecently, 16 motorcyclists traveling on a Texas Highway were hit head on when a car drifted over the center lane of traffic. Three of the bikers died as a result of the crash. The driver of the car was reportedly found to be drunk at the time of the incident.

Although this wreck occurred near Kerrville, Texas motorcycle crashes are prevalent throughout the state, including Houston, Texas. Based on 2019 statistics, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently identified Houston as the city having the highest number of motorcycle fatalities in the state.

How can motorcycle crashes be prevented?

Motorcyclists are more exposed to roadway dangers than other motorists. Everyone has a responsibility to safely share the roadways; but many drivers don’t always take the steps they should to prevent causing a motorcycle crash.

Some basic safety precautions can be helpful to reduce the chance of being in a traffic accident. This includes avoiding driving distractions, paying close attention at intersections, signaling turns properly, using caution when making left turns, obeying speed limits and maintaining enough space between vehicles.

Drivers can also help prevent motorcycle crashes by:

· Looking twice for motorcycles

· Assuming motorcycles are closer than they appear

· Giving motorcyclists the full lane

· Checking blind spots before changing lanes

· Not turning in front of an oncoming motorcyclist

Drivers who do not take the necessary steps to ensure traffic safety can put motorcyclists into very dangerous situations. Bikers who are seriously injured by reckless motorists may have options. It may be possible to receive compensation for medical expenses and other expenses that are related to the accident.