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August 2020 Archives

Hurricane Laura: What do I do now?

With the arrival of Hurricane Laura, hurricane season officially began for Southeast Texas and neighboring Louisiana. What are some basics tips for those journeying back home to pick up the pieces and find themselves asking, "What do I do now?"

Recall: Salmonella Linked to Peaches

The Wawona Packing Company has issued a recall of peaches that were sold under several brand names at a variety of stores across multiple states. The tainted products have caused a salmonella infection outbreak across the United States. Wamona Packing has recalled bagged, bulk, and loose peaches that they supplied nationwide to retailers.

Deteriorating and Damaged Roads Causing Car Accidents in Houston and Across Texas

The roads in Texas, specifically Houston, Texas, have deteriorated to the point of constituting a driving hazard to Texas drivers. According to a study by CoPilot, nearly one-third of Houston roads, 28.6 percent, are in poor condition. 28.6 percent is worse than the national average of 26.4 percent. Moreover, 7.9 percent of Houston's freeways and interstates are in poor condition, and 40.8 percent of Houston's arterial roadways are in poor condition. These statistics establish that Houston roads are some of the poorest maintained roads in America.

Potential Signs College Kids Are Struggling To Fit In

AdobeStock_201991796.jpegSending a child off to college typically holds contradicting emotions for parents. On the one hand, it's time for your son or daughter to forge their way as an adult. At the same time, you hope the values you instilled will influence the decisions made over the next four years.

Falling Debris from Construction Project Injures Man

In March of 2018, Timothy Duarte was working at an elevator platform at a construction site along Myrtle Beach's Ocean Boulevard. A BMW Rebar worker was using a large crane to lift a piece of a reinforcement bar to the top of a 25-story building that was under construction. The rebar broke as it was being lifted to the top of the building. It fell on the elevator platform and hit Mr. Duarte on his head and body.

Ford Recall

Ford is warning that a number of its vehicles pose serious hazards for U.S. consumers. The first recall affects nearly half a million vehicles built from June 25, 2014 to December 21, 2017 under the Ford Edge platform as well as Lincoln MKX vehicles built between November 11, 2014 and December 21, 2017. Both vehicles were manufactured in Ontario, Canada at Ford's Oakville Assembly Plant, and pose serious safety hazards due to front brake jounce hoses that could rupture.

Massive Refinery Fire in Corpus Christi

As of 8:30 A.M. this morning, fire fighters in Corpus Christi are battling to put out a fire near Navigation and Lantana Roads, near the Port of Corpus Christi. According to authorities, six people have been transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Some of the burn victims were transported to Brooks Army Medical Center's burn unit.

Some common side-effects of pregnancy could indicate a serious risk

AdobeStock_274218831.jpegThe number of pregnancies medical providers handle each year does not negate the fact that complications occasionally develop. Some conditions can put the lives of both an expectant mother and a developing fetus at risk.

More Than 600,000 Odyssey, Pilot, and Passport Vehicles Have Been Recalled by Honda

More than 1.6 million potential defects have caused Honda to recall more than 600,000 vehicles including Odyssey minivans and Pilot and Passport SUVs. The recalls include faulty door latches, malfunctioning backup cameras, and non-illuminating dashboard lights. Honda will fix these defects free of charge starting on September 23, 2020.

When and Where do Most Trucking Accidents Occur?

Texas drivers are unfortunately no strangers to trucking and commercial vehicle wrecks. But when are trucking and commercial vehicle wrecks most likely to occur? And where are the most frequent locations for them? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducts an annual study to answer these very questions.

Widow Receives Settlement in Wrongful Death Suit Against Local Bar and Intoxicated Drivers

The widow of a Corpus Christi police officer killed in January during a traffic stop filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Wonders Bar and Grill and two intoxicated drivers. The lawsuit, which sought in excess of $10 million in damages, was settled in July for an undisclosed amount.

Crash Risks May Be Highest for Houston Bikers

AdobeStock_208276370.jpegRecently, 16 motorcyclists traveling on a Texas Highway were hit head on when a car drifted over the center lane of traffic. Three of the bikers died as a result of the crash. The driver of the car was reportedly found to be drunk at the time of the incident.

Amazon Can be Sued for Defective Products Sold on its Site by Third-Party Sellers, Inc. (Amazon) was recently dealt another setback in its efforts to avoid liability for defective products sold on its website that were manufactured by overseas companies that may not be amenable to jurisdiction in the United States.

Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges TikTok Steals Kids' Data and Sends it to China

Parents of minor children filed suit against TikTok and allege that the video-sharing app collects information about their kids' facial characteristics, locations and close contacts, and quietly sends the data to servers in China.

Honda's Second Recall

Honda issued its second recall in the last two years last Tuesday, and this issue is not as different as its predecessor. 2018-2020 Odysseys, 2019-2020 Passports, and 2019-2021 Pilots were recalled for software issues that can cause the display to malfunction and not show information like speed, gear selection and oil pressure, which can potentially be dangerous if not taken care of.

Pedestrian Deaths Are Up Again

AdobeStock_196092199.jpegThe percentages of fatalities and injuries involving those riding in vehicles are relatively unchanged in the last decade, but the same cannot be said for pedestrians. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrian fatalities are up 50% between 2009 and 2019 (the most recent year of complete data). The total number of pedestrian fatalities in 2019 was 6,590 in the U.S., a 5% increase from 2018, and the highest number in three decades. Houston reported 158 pedestrian fatalities in 2019. 

Wrongful Death Settlement for Texas Family of Maintenance Technician

Firm attorneys Benny Agosto, Jr. and Lena Laurenzo settled a federal court lawsuit arising out of the death of a maintenance technician employee at a Texas manufacturing plant. The fatality occurred during a maintenance task that was being performed when a large piece of machinery fell on top of the employee. The employee died shortly thereafter due to the crush injuries he sustained. Christmas was only days away, and one of the employee's daughters was to be married in two weeks.

Harris County Woman Sues Memorial City Mall and Skechers USA After Fall Causes Injury

On July 24, 2020, a Harris County woman filed a complaint in the Harris County District Court against Memorial City Mall, LP and Skechers USA, Inc. The woman brought negligence causes of action against both businesses, also alleging gross negligence and strict product liability against Skechers.

Parents of Boy Killed in School Bus-Train Collision Sue School District and Union Pacific Railroad Company

The parents of a 13-year-old boy have filed a lawsuit following their son's death in a school bus that was struck by a train operated by Union Pacific Railroad Company. On January 25, Christopher Bonilla and another student were passengers on an Athens ISD school bus when it was struck by a train at a railway crossing.

One driving distraction that parents may inadvertently overlook

AdobeStock_155462288.jpegBy now, most people realize that texting and driving don't mix well. Sending or reading a text message while driving takes some of the driver's attention away from driving, which can increase the risk of them being involved in a serious accident.

States and Counties Allowed to Sue Volkswagen in Dieselgate Cases

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently affirmed the right of state and local governments to sue Volkswagen over tampering with emissions devices on their vehicles after they were sold.

  • $50+ Million Fire & Explosion

    The firm successfully represented nearly 100 victims who suffered personal injuries and damages to property from a large fire and explosion resulting in a settlement of more than $50 million. The firm served as lead lawyers on the steering committee in this litigation.

  • $80 Million Plant Explosion

    The firm successfully represented 270 plaintiffs, taking a lead role in the plaintiffs’ steering committee, who suffered injuries in a large plant explosion resulting in a settlement of nearly $80 million.

  • $50+ Million Plant Fire & Explosion

    The firm successfully represented 45 personal injury victims in a plant fire and explosion, serving on the plaintiffs steering committee, concluding with a settlement of more than $50 million.

  • $22+ Million Worksite Accident

    The firm prevailed in a personal injury trial for a worksite injury client with the jury returning a verdict and resulting in a judgment of over $22 million for the firm’s client.

  • $12 Million 18-Wheeler Collision

    The firm successfully achieved a $12 million settlement for the family of a man who died in an 18 wheeler collision.

  • $48 Million Catastrophic Burns

    The firm prevailed on behalf of three burn victims with settlements totaling nearly $48 million.

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