Zoom Depositions

The coronavirus has slowed things down throughout the city and state. However, the advocacy for our clients and our search for justice remain unshaken even throughout the pandemic and stay-at-home orders.

The trial lawyers of Abraham Watkins remain busy and committed to bringing justice for our clients’ claims. When you file a lawsuit for serious injuries, one of the first things that needs to take place is the “discovery” of facts. A deposition is usually one method of discovery. The deposition or a sworn testimony, gives the client an opportunity to answer questions and explain the facts and circumstances to their injuries and damages. Many times liability facts are obtained through deposition testimony of witnesses. Today, depositions are taking place remotely through Zoom or similar applications.

At Abraham Watkins, we spend a lot of time preparing our clients for depositions. We also are masters of cross examination of witnesses and experts. These special techniques of cross examination allow us to prepare for victory at trial.

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