Stop Using These Jack Stands Immediately – Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recalled for Risk of Collapsing

If you own a set of jack stands manufactured by Harbor Freight, check them now. Over 450,000 6-ton jack stands produced between 2013 and 2019, and nearly 1.3 million 3-ton jack stands produced between 2012 and 2020 are being recalled due to a risk of collapsing under load.

In recalls filed with the NHTSA, Harbor Freight explains that a number of its jack stands have the potential to disengage their support pawl under shifting weight, causing the stand to drop suddenly. Harbor Freight has attributed the defect to aging tooling at the factory that produced the jack stands.

According to the company, the affected stands were sold under the Pittsburg brand name and can be identified by item numbers 56371 or 61196 on 3-ton models, and 61197 on 6-ton models.

It is urged that anybody in possession of affected jack stands to cease use immediately and to return them to the store. Continued use could lead to a potential failure that makes you a statistic of fatal injuries that are caused by faulty car jacks every year.

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