Electric Scooter Company Sued Over Safety Problems

Scooter startup company Bird Rides, Inc. was recently sued in Los Angeles Superior Court for failing to properly maintain its scooters, including critical components such as brakes, wheels, and throttles. Victims of these poorly maintained scooters have experienced uncontrolled crashes or have been unexpectedly thrown off the scooters, resulting in fractures, broken bones, concussions, and chipped teeth, among other injuries.

Bird, like other electric scooter companies, tracks the usage of its scooters, including the mileage of each ride on the scooter. Like other companies that provide transportation services, it must regularly inspect and maintain its scooters, including repairing and replacing critical components, to ensure that its riders are not endangered. Bird’s recent troubles come on the heels of a report by the Wall Street Journal that the company is facing spare parts shortages and has been re-using brakes, wheels, and throttles, from other broken scooters to make repairs.

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