Do I Need Car Insurance If I’m Not Driving Right Now?


Even though the Governor has lifted the stay-at-home order, many people are still working from home or choosing to remain at home in Texas. With community activities mostly cancelled, it’s likely that you are still driving less than usual. Have you wondered whether it’s worth it to continue paying for car insurance?

If you’re one of the 38.6 million people who’ve filed for unemployment since March, you may be trying to cut costs. However, there are numerous reasons why cancelling your car insurance is not a good idea.

6 reasons to keep your car insurance

  • Someone in your household is going to need to drive somewhere at some point, either to the grocery store or the drug store.
  • Getting into an accident without insurance is incredibly expensive. You must repair your car as well as any property damage, damage to the other vehicle(s), and medical bills of anyone injured.
  • Driving without insurance can mean jailtime or fines.
  • Your car can incur damage just sitting in your driveway. You need insurance for protection from theft, vandalism, and the weather.
  • There may be other options, such as discounts, during this exceptional time to mitigate the financial burden without cancelling your insurance. Pursue this option first!
  • There has been an increase in fatalities on the roads lately, despite the decrease in traffic. If you are driving, you need protection now more than ever.

In the current economic climate, the cost of an accident could be crippling. Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position by forfeiting your insurance.

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