Abraham Watkins Files Second Lawsuit Against Haverstock Apartments or Deadly Shooting

Firm attorneys Benny Agosto, Jr. and Jonathan Sneed have filed a second lawsuit against Haverstock Hills Apartments for a shooting that left a young father of two dead. The lawsuit comes shortly after Agosto and Sneed secured a favorable confidential settlement against the same apartment complex for a mass shooting that occurred in 2017 that left two dead and several others in critical condition.

The shooting in March 2017 involved assailants opening fire with a semi-automatic assault rifle into a large group of residents and guests. Sadly, this same apartment complex is the subject of another lawsuit for ongoing gang-related activity that has led to more loss of life. Earlier this year, Ger’marcus Martin, a young father to twin boys was sitting outside his apartment with his children when a group of individuals approached him, brandished a firearm, and fired several rounds that killed Martin while his children looked on in horror. As a result of this latest incident, Agosto and Sneed are yet again fighting to hold the Haverstock Hills Apartments accountable for the rash of deadly criminal activity that continues to be permitted at the complex. Of the several complaints lodged against the complex, the lawsuit alleges Haverstock Hills Apartments failed to provide adequate security measures to its residents in light of the patterned criminal conduct that continues to plague this community.

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