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June 2020 Archives

Parent Sues Local Baseball Team Over Daughter's Head Injury in Bouncy House

A mother in Dakota County, Nebraska recently filed a lawsuit against the Sioux City Explorers baseball team over a serious head injury that her daughter suffered on July 7, 2018 in a bouncy house on the recreation area for children next to the baseball field.

Pressure Cooker Causes Burn Injuries: Company Alleged to Have Misrepresented Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been cooking and eating more meals at home. Some people have also been buying new cooking gadgets and appliances, including pressure cookers, to accommodate this new need to cook more at home.

Abraham Watkins Files Second Lawsuit Against Haverstock Apartments or Deadly Shooting

Firm attorneys Benny Agosto, Jr. and Jonathan Sneed have filed a second lawsuit against Haverstock Hills Apartments for a shooting that left a young father of two dead. The lawsuit comes shortly after Agosto and Sneed secured a favorable confidential settlement against the same apartment complex for a mass shooting that occurred in 2017 that left two dead and several others in critical condition.

Malfunctioning Tesla Touch Screens

With an increase of self-driving vehicles on the road, drivers are more reliant on the technology those cars offer. But like any other technology that consumers buy, there can be complications that arise as time goes on. Prominent electric car company Tesla is now facing the consequences of not keeping the technology in their older vehicles up to date, specifically the touch screen. The touch screen in a Tesla controls almost all functions of the car, from climate control to navigation, to even the safety monitors for autopilot.

Woman Sues Kellogg's Alleging Honey Smacks Caused Food Poisoning

On June 17, 2020, a Harris County resident filed a complaint in the Harris County District Court against the Kellogg Company. As a result, the woman brought a negligence cause of action against Kellogg's.

FDA Issues Warning Regarding Hand Sanitizer

The Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") has issued a warning about the use of several hand sanitizer products manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV due to the presence of a potentially dangerous chemical.

Six Former Athletes File Suits Against U.S.A. Swimming for Sexual Abuse

According to civil lawsuits filed in two different California Courts last week, six former athletes filed suit against U.S.A. Swimming this month, stating the national governing body for the sport failed to protect them from coaches who sexually abused them when they were pre-teens and teenagers.

Woman Sues Over Bounce House Incident

In 2018, a block party was hosted by Meow Wolf, an arts and entertainment company. A rented bounce house was overturned by the wind and trapped the children of Anita Vargas underneath. While Ms. Vargas has not detailed her children's injuries, her attorney has said the injuries were "serious enough that we felt we need to file a lawsuit." The business that owned the bounce house, Amazing Jumps LLC, is also named in the lawsuit. It is alleged that Amazing Jumps LLC should have known the inflatable bounce house, which was in the shape of a castle, was dangerous because it was not properly secured.

Bonnsu Recalls Miniware Teething Spoons Due to Choking Hazard

Bonsu, LLC d/b/a Miniware has recalled over 30,000 units of its teething spoons due to the ability of spoons breaking in a child's mouth when being used as a teether, posing a severe choking hazard to infants.

Woman Injured in Nutri-Pot Pressure Cooker Explosion Sues NuWave, LLC

On June 10, 2020, Ms. Cynthia Wallace filed a lawsuit against NuWave, LLC, the manufacturer of the Nutri-Pot Pressure Cooker. The lawsuit alleges NuWave, LLC misrepresented the safety of its pressure cooker, causing those who use the pressure cooker to be injured.

Self-Driving Cars Are Not the Answer to Safer Roads

Do self-driving cars really prevent accidents from occurring on the road? Most people would think they would due to the multiple technological advances such as the 360-degree sensors or the self-parking feature. But according to a study done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), autonomous vehicles are not the answer to eliminating vehicular accidents. The IIHS examined 5,000 crashes and determined that self-driving cars are only capable of preventing one third of automobile accidents. The Institute found certain driving mistakes such as misjudging speeds of other vehicles or high speeds on dangerous roads cannot be prevented from the current state of autonomous vehicles.

Perfect Storms: Oil Rig Workers Face Back to Back Airlift Evacuations from Gulf Platforms with Coronavirus Outbreak and Tropical Storm Cristobal

Hit by the twin storms of the ongoing pandemic as well as Tropical Storm Cristobal, offshore workers face continuing airlift evacuations under already dangerous working conditions.

Electric Scooter Company Sued Over Safety Problems

Scooter startup company Bird Rides, Inc. was recently sued in Los Angeles Superior Court for failing to properly maintain its scooters, including critical components such as brakes, wheels, and throttles. Victims of these poorly maintained scooters have experienced uncontrolled crashes or have been unexpectedly thrown off the scooters, resulting in fractures, broken bones, concussions, and chipped teeth, among other injuries.

Apple Agrees to $500 Million Settlement Over iPhone Batteries

Apple recently agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle a class action lawsuit regarding batteries in iPhones. The settlement covers models 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, and SE devices.

Offshore Deaths Increased in 2019 - Safety Concerns Amid Industry Regulatory Rollbacks

Currently, with the oil industry at a low point, Americans know to expect layoffs and tightening of budgets in a wide variety of offshore companies and companies that support the oil industry. What can also be expected are vessels that may be undermanned or maintained by smaller crews with less resources while facing increasing pressure to save the company time and money during these difficult times. Seamen may be faced with taking on unsafe tasks in order to keep their jobs.

School Districts File Lawsuit Against JUUL for "E-Cigarette Epidemic"

Several California school districts have filed suit against JUUL Labs, Inc., a popular e-cigarette and vape company for what they call an "e-cigarette epidemic" amongst student populations. The lawsuits claim that JUUL created a resurgence in youth nicotine addiction, so much so that it has disrupted learning environments and compromised the overall health of their students in schools across California. As of now, 27 school districts have joined in the litigation against JUUL. Attorneys for the school districts released a statement which states in part, "Vaping on school grounds has negatively impacted student education with some students' GPAs dropping, some getting suspended, and some unable to graduate. JUUL targeted youth customers with their marketing schemes and they should be held accountable for the negative consequences that come with that. JUUL shamelessly solicited and exposed an entire generation of youth to nicotine addiction."

Stop Using These Jack Stands Immediately - Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recalled for Risk of Collapsing

If you own a set of jack stands manufactured by Harbor Freight, check them now. Over 450,000 6-ton jack stands produced between 2013 and 2019, and nearly 1.3 million 3-ton jack stands produced between 2012 and 2020 are being recalled due to a risk of collapsing under load.

United States Parcel Service Employee Sues Dog Owner for Injuries Suffered after Dog Attack

On May 11, 2020, a Harris County resident, and United States Parcel Service Employee ("USPS employee"), filed a complaint in the Harris County District Court against a couple after their dog attacked him. The USPS employee brought a negligence cause of action against the defendants.

Ikea Sued for Product Recall Response

A lawsuit seeking class action certification was filed against the popular furniture company, Ikea. The lawsuit alleges Ikea failed to take the proper steps to remove its previously recalled dressers from the homes of consumers.

  • $50+ Million Fire & Explosion

    The firm successfully represented nearly 100 victims who suffered personal injuries and damages to property from a large fire and explosion resulting in a settlement of more than $50 million. The firm served as lead lawyers on the steering committee in this litigation.

  • $80 Million Plant Explosion

    The firm successfully represented 270 plaintiffs, taking a lead role in the plaintiffs’ steering committee, who suffered injuries in a large plant explosion resulting in a settlement of nearly $80 million.

  • $50+ Million Plant Fire & Explosion

    The firm successfully represented 45 personal injury victims in a plant fire and explosion, serving on the plaintiffs steering committee, concluding with a settlement of more than $50 million.

  • $22+ Million Worksite Accident

    The firm prevailed in a personal injury trial for a worksite injury client with the jury returning a verdict and resulting in a judgment of over $22 million for the firm’s client.

  • $12 Million 18-Wheeler Collision

    The firm successfully achieved a $12 million settlement for the family of a man who died in an 18 wheeler collision.

  • $48 Million Catastrophic Burns

    The firm prevailed on behalf of three burn victims with settlements totaling nearly $48 million.

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