Your Case Needs Experts

Every day across the country people are involved in unfortunate accidents caused by others. Whether it is on the road, on the job, or on someone else’s property, accidents of all types cause injuries and deaths to our clients.

It is important to note that at Abraham Watkins we use all necessary resources to get you the best experts needed to represent you and prove the case, both for liability and damages. For example, sometimes it is necessary for our firm to hire special experts such as biomechanics experts.

Biomechanics experts address the science that deals with the response characteristics of solids, fluids, and other materials to impose internal and external forces. Generally, biomechanics is the science of how the human body responds to applied external and internal forces.

When the cause of an injury is in dispute, a biomechanical engineer is able to examine specific injuries and use reverse engineering by applying knowledge of injury mechanisms to determine how the injury was generated within the event to cause the injuries claimed. This is extremely important in each case because the defense will likely dispute the injuries during litigation.

Through your medical records and treating doctors, the experts will be able to use the sound diagnosis obtained by the treaters and combined with well documented medical records, the experts will conduct an analysis that will help prove the cause of your injuries.

Remember, if you or a loved one is involved in a serious accident or injured by another, there are several steps that you must follow in order to protect your rights. Preserving evidence and documentation to prove what happened, getting immediate medical attention and following up with your treaters, in combination with consulting with a legal expert like the law firm of Abraham Watkins, will assist you in protecting your rights and obtaining maximum economic results for your damages.

We have the experts and the lawyers ready to work for you.

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