Verizon to Pay $125M to Woman Paralyzed Due to Fallen Pole

On January 23, 2017, Maria Meister, then 50 years old, was injured when she was struck by a pole that fell on her as she waited for a bus. Mrs. Meister sustained multiple fractures in her spine and ribs. She is paralyzed from her mid-chest down and has limited use of her left arm. Additionally, Mrs. Meister suffers from a brain injury and has vision problems. Her family filed suit and has settled for $125 million.

The court documents state the 43-year-old wooden pole was largely rotted and it broke at the base. It fell and struck Mrs. Meister causing catastrophic injuries. The pole was owned by Verizon under an agreement with PSE&G. It held equipment and wires from both. Peter Meister, Mrs. Meister’s husband, sued the utility companies as well as Altice USA, even though PSE&G and Altice had not used the pole for several decades. According to the court documents, Verizon took full responsibility for the condition of the pole.

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