Serious Car Crashes Increase in Austin Even with Fewer Drivers on Roads

For the past six weeks, most Austin drivers welcomed the open roads throughout the city mainly due to recent COVID-19 lockdown orders. Fewer drivers on the road eased the city’s congestion, allowing drivers to get to places much faster than times before the state’s stay-at-home orders went into effect. While streets and traffic congestion seem to have largely diminished, car crashes resulting in serious injuries have spiked within the city’s limits during this time.

Comparing data from March to numbers in January and February 2020, Austin Department of Transportation noticed that while car crashes overall are down 20 percent, serious injuries related to car crashes are up by 20 percent. This data comparison suggests while the number of overall crashes is down, more drivers are likely operating vehicles at higher speeds. Moreover, the data showed that Austin Police are still arresting drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, with over 135 DUI-related arrests in March. To try to combat the high speeding by Austin drivers, the City’s Transportation Department is looking into posting signs that could read “high risk, high speed area” to help raise awareness of the risks of driving vehicles at high speeds in areas where drivers tend to speed. Moreover, since March 15, Austin Police have issued at least seven press releases about fatal crashes within the city limits. When a driver increases their speed by 10 miles per hour or more, it can double the risk of serious injury and potentially fatal car crashes.

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