More Severe Injury Crashes Trending in 2020

Recent data shows that in comparing car crashes from March of 2019 to January and February of 2020, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) found that serious injuries in car crashes have increased by 20 percent. The spike in serious injuries is extra concerning considering the total number of crashes that have occurred are actually down by 20 percent.

With roads more “open” due to less traffic, the increase in the severity of crashes and injuries is believed to be related to speed and distracted driving. According to the ATD, an increase of speed by 10 mph doubles the risk of serious injury to those on the road.

There are also more truck drivers driving extra miles to keep up with supply demands during the pandemic. In 2018, there were over 37,000 commercial vehicle crashes in Texas. Only time will tell if truck drivers are engaging in similar dangerous trends of speeding to keep up with their routes. With more laxed federal trucking regulations and incentives to earn more money, drivers should remain vigilant and use safe practices to avoid being involved in a serious injury car crash with a commercial truck driver.

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