Five Fatal Car Crashes in 24 Hours

With the stay-at-home order easing up in Texas, it is no surprise people have taken this opportunity to resume the activities they haven’t done in a while. Whether it’s going out to eat or meeting with some friends, more people are on the road now than there have been in the last month. In the first week of May, there have already been multiple deaths on the road with some attributed to drugs and alcohol.

Chief of Vehicular Crimes with Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Sean Teare, noted that there would be an increase in vehicular deaths once the order was eased and said it will worsen when the bars open back up again. With people being quarantined for a while, they are eager to make up for lost time, but some can get carried away and do so irresponsibly.

The month of April 2020 had less than half of the vehicular deaths April 2019 had, a drop that has not been seen before. The fear now is that there will be a spike in the opposite direction once social life returns back to normal.

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