Texas Nursing Homes Have History of Infection-Related Citations Before COVID-19

Texas nursing facilities have the second-highest total number of infection-related citations over the past three years. Texas also had the 11th-highest rate of citations among all states. According to regulatory records, inspectors found problems at more than 80% of Texas nursing homes in the past three years.

During the coronavirus pandemic, nursing homes are under even more scrutiny for how much they are failing to protect their senior residents and employees. There are concerns that nursing homes failing to inform their residents of confirmed cases is putting others at serious risk. At this time, Texas officials have not publicly released information of all of the locations of confirmed cases, though some counties have released such information.

Currently, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission is investigating nursing facilities for compliance when there is a confirmed case involving a staff member or resident. However, results of these investigations are not public. Findings show that there are systemic failures by nursing facilities to keep residents and staff members safe, including improper hand-washing guidelines, lack of personal protective equipment, and other deficient infectious disease prevention measures. Unfortunately, these issues have been around since before the pandemic and may lead to severe injury or death.

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