Harris County Man Is Suing a Hotel and Valet Operators for Injuries Suffered After Being Hit by a Luggage Rack

On March 9, 2020, a Harris County resident filed a complaint in the Harris County District Court against ALH Properties No. Twenty L.P. doing business as Sam Houston Hotel, American Liberty Hospitality, Inc., State Parking Services Inc., and PPHC, Inc. The man alleges the defendants were negligent at the time of the incident that made basis of this lawsuit.

On September 23, 2018, the man and his wife were walking to a Houston Astros game. On their way, they were going to walk past the Sam Houston Hotel located at 1117 Prairie St, Houston, Texas 77002. On that day, defendants PPHC, Inc. and State Parking Services Inc. were operating a valet stand on behalf of the Sam Houston Hotel. When the man and his wife approached the front entrance of the hotel, there was a valet stand near the entrance along with an employee of one of the valet operating companies. As the man walked past the entrance of the hotel, the hotel’s employee walked out of the hotel and pushed a luggage rack into the man. The valet employee did not attempt to stop the hotel employee from striking the man or warn either the man or the hotel employee. As a result of being hit by the luggage cart, the man fell to the ground.

The man is seeking recovery based on the claims of negligence against the defendants. In particular, the man claims that the hotel breached its duty to act with reasonable prudence when its employee carelessly struck the man with the luggage cart. The man further alleges the valet employee failed to make any attempt to prevent the collision between the man and the hotel’s luggage cart, breaching that same duty to act with reasonable prudence. The man also claims that the defendants are responsible for the negligent conduct of their employees under the doctrine of Respondeat Superior due to the master-servant relationship that existed at the time of the subject incident.

The man seeks monetary relief damages resulting from past and future physical pain and suffering, past and future physical impairment, past and future physical disfigurement, loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity, etc.

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