Arlington Senior Living Facility Informed Late on COVID-19 Positive Testing

Last month, two patients from Heartis Arlington Assisted Living tested positive at a hospital for COVID-19. Despite the positive test results, however, the hospital failed to inform Heartis Arlington Assisted Living that two of their residents had been infected with COVID-19. It was only until a resident’s family member informed Heartis Arlington Assisted Living that they had any knowledge of the positive test results, long after several other senior residents had been exposed to the virus.

According to a spokesperson from the hospital, there are “…state laws that apply to healthcare providers, laboratories, schools, and others for proper reporting of all publicity notifiable conditions, including COVID-19.” The spokesperson went on to state that “the Texas Department of State Health Services requires reporting facilities to provide detailed information including the patient’s name, age, gender, race/ethnicity, DOB, address, phone number, disease, date of onset, and method of diagnosis along with the physician’s contact information. This information provides public health epidemiologists with crucial facts to quickly conduct and notify additional contacts, as they deem necessary.” Based on these requirements, experts on medical privacy have stated that under current unprecedented times a hospital can share information with another healthcare provider and should do so when concerning the diagnosis and possible spread of the coronavirus. Senior living facilities around the country have been hit hard by COVID-19. For example, more than thirty residents died at one Seattle-area senior living facility due to the spread of COVID-19. Denton State Supported Living Center in Texas reported over sixty people who tested positive at their facility.

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