When Are The Safest And Deadliest Driving Times In Texas?


Houston can be a dangerous place to drive. Despite law enforcement’s best efforts, the number of automobile-related fatalities continued to rise in 2019. While a collision may seem unpredictable, many factors contribute to fatal collisions, particularly on certain days and times. Using past crash data, patterns can be identified to inform people of safer and deadlier times to drive.

When Are The Roads Safest? 

There are significantly less fatal collisions on weekdays, which is surprising. Given the challenges of workday traffic, one might expect the opposite. Although there are many non-fatal collisions during the morning commute, far more fatal collisions occur on weekends.

The fewest fatal collisions occur on Tuesday. And there are fewer fatal collisions on weekdays between four and five in the morning and nine and eleven in the morning, than other times of day. Sunday has by far the fewest collisions of any day, if non-fatal collisions are included.

When Are Roads The Most Dangerous?

Two in the morning, particularly after a Friday or Saturday night, is the deadliest time to be on the road, with late night activities likely playing a role in these fatal collisions. More fatal collisions also occur between six and eleven in the evening, on any day.

The afternoon and evening rush hour, between three and seven during the week, is the most likely time to be in a non-fatal accident.

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