Patient Receives $12.75M after Device Breaks during Brain Surgery

Michael Brassloff was 71 years old when he underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. During the procedure, the two-millimeter tip of a carbon dioxide-cooled laser probe snapped off after it was inserted through a hole in Mr. Brassloff’s skull. As a result, the pressurized carbon dioxide drilled directly into Mr. Brassloff’s brain. The force was eight times more powerful than that of a nail gun.

Mr. Brassloff was in a coma for three weeks. When he awoke, he had recurrent seizures, difficulty with language, difficulty controlling his emotions, and memory loss. He filed suit against Monteris, the medical device manufacturer. Additionally, he sued the neurosurgeon, alleging he was not qualified to use the device, called a Monteris Medical NeuroBlate Sidefire. He alleged the neurosurgeon had never used the device to treat the type of tumor Mr. Brassloff had, and that the probe had never been tested for the purpose for which it was used.

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