Can You Sue A Bounce House Company If Your Child Is Injured?


Bounce houses are a popular source of party entertainment for kids and teens. Found at carnivals and available to rent for private functions, these sources of inflatable fun come with risks. Unfortunately, injuries from inflatable attractions continue to rise.

As a parent, it’s difficult to deny your child’s deep desire to attend events that include such a feature, even knowing the danger involved. Here what you need to know about your legal options, should an unfortunate accident occur.

The company who owns the bounce house will likely have you sign a liability waiver every time your child enters their facility. However, you are likely not signing away all your options. This waiver is often very basic and usually doesn’t cover everything.

What A Typical Waiver Does And Does Not Cover

Basic liability waivers, like the one a bounce house gives out, usually only waive “inherent risks.” Inherent risks include simple accidents like a sprained ankle from landing wrong after a jump. Also, this waiver will protect the company from anyone trying to sue for injuries resulting from a child taking unnecessary risks.

However, if the injury is a result of negligence on the company’s part, you may have a legal case. The following scenarios might qualify:

  • Improper setup of the bounce house, resulting in the injury of a child
  • Lack of supervision and a correlating lack of regulation of the allowable activity in the bounce house, leading to injury
  • Allowing too many children in the bounce house at one time, which leads to, for example, a dangerous collision

Whether your child is injured in a bounce house in a friend’s backyard or a local facility or carnival, know that the waiver you signed does not necessarily prevent you from getting the compensation to pay for medical treatment and the justice your family deserves.

The guidelines here regarding legal waivers are very general. It is essential to have the specific waiver you signed reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer before taking any action. If your child is injured in an accident, reach out to Houston law firm Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner at (713) 222-7211 for a personal consultation.