Arkema and Its Executives to Go on Trial for Releasing Pollutants During Hurricane Harvey

After more than two years since the devastating category 4 hurricane, Arkema and three of its executives are set to go to trial this week in Harris County. Charged with reckless emission of air contaminants and assault on a public servant, Arkema and its CEO Richard Rowe, former Crosby plant manager Leslie Comardelle, and former VP of logistics Michael Keough face the possibility of potential prison time.

The criminal charges stem from events that ensued when more than five feet of water flooded Arkema’s Crosby plant during Hurricane Harvey. Following a loss of power, trailers of organic peroxides combusted, causing thick clouds of hazardous smoke to fill the surrounding area. In consequence, dozens sought medical attention, and hundreds more were displaced from their homes.

The state asserts that Arkema and its executives failed to properly handle its organic peroxides, which often must be kept at specific temperatures or near freezing to prevent the chemicals from self-combusting.

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