Self-Driving 18-Wheelers Being Tested on American Roads

A company has plans to map out highways and roads in Texas and New Mexico to prepare testing phases for its self-driving 18-wheelers. The company has been testing self-driving minivans in other states, but now has eyes on something bigger – self-driving freight trucks.

The freight industry has seen steady growth for the past ten years. That means there are more 18-wheelers on American roads every year, covering more miles than ever.

Self-driving vehicles are still being developed and tested by other competing companies as well. When there is competition, there is a race to who can put these self-driving vehicle products on American roads first. What is yet to be seen is whether these vehicles are being rushed onto public roads and the affect it will have on 18-wheeler related crashes.

That means that those on or near these trucks will have to be on higher alert as these companies work out the kinks in their system and their self-driving vehicles. These self-driving 18-wheelers will be primarily first tested on large interstates and through metropolitan areas, so drivers beware.

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