Eighteen-Wheeler Drivers Are Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel and Causing Accidents

According to a federal lawsuit, a Tennessee truck driver’s employer forced him to drive 49 hours without a proper break while making shipments for Amazon. Unsurprisingly, the exhausted truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel, leading to a major accident.

Commercial truck drivers falling asleep on the job is not an uncommon occurrence, making the roads more dangerous for drivers across America. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that drive-time shouldn’t exceed 14 hours without taking “10 consecutive hours off duty.” Unfortunately, this rule is not strictly followed by all commercial carriers, often leading to death and injury on roads throughout the United States.

In this particular case, the truck driver is claiming that Amazon and its delivery contractor, AAA Freight, routinely ignored the law and doctored the driver’s log to show false compliance with federal regulations. An Amazon spokesperson stated that AAA Freight is “one of thousands” of trucking companies that it contracts with to move shipments.

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