Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Evenflo Company, Inc. for Making Misleading Safety Claims Regarding Its “Big Kid Booster Car Seat”

A California man has filed a nationwide class-action lawsuit against Evenflo, alleging that Evenflo sold its “Big Kid Booster Car Seat” with misleading advertising and safety claims. The lawsuit alleges that Evenflo advertised its car seat as “side-impact tested” and safe for children weighing less than 40 pounds. However, Evenflo’s testing actually revealed that a side-impact collision was likely to lead to the serious injury or death of the occupant.

Specifically, Evenflo’s testing demonstrated that when child-sized dummies seated in the booster seat were subjected to side-impact collision forces such as a T-bone collision, they were thrown far out of their shoulder-belts. Further, Evenflo’s top booster seat engineer has admitted under oath in a deposition that when real children are moved in this way, they could suffer catastrophic head, neck, and spinal injuries.

Evenflo’s Big Kid Booster Seat is one of the highest-selling booster seats in the United States, placing thousands of children across this nation at serious risk of injury or death. This is particularly true for children weighing less than 40 pounds on side-impact collisions.

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